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Wobble Cushions

The fore or hindlimbs are placed one a wobble cushion (or both in some cases), and it helps build up the weakened muscles in those limbs due to the uneven surface. 

Peanut Ball

The peanut ball can be prescribed if the dog is struggling to bear weight through a limb to provide support to the body. 

They also strengthen core muscles in conditioning programmes.

Cavaletti Poles

Poles encourage flexion of the limbs and improve proprioception (awareness of the position of the body). 

  • Particular importance for dogs with joint conditions

Remedial exercise programmes are specifically tailored for individual dogs. Following your initial session, home exercises may be prescribed to help improve your pets condition. The best physiotherapy treatment is provided when there is a good balance between sessions with a physio and home exercises.

Most conditions receiving physio treatment will benefit from remedial exercises, including: orthopaedic and neurological conditions, ligament ruptures, athletic conditioning or weight management.​​