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I am Hannah Bartlam and I own and run PhysioPaws, a veterinary physiotherapist specialising in small animal rehabilitation. My main clients are dogs but I also treat cats, horses, farm animals and other small animals. 

I started working with animals at a local zoo when I was 13 years old, caring for animals from all over the world, my favourite being Shaka the Caracal! I studied A-Levels alongside working in an exotic zoo. Every spare minute around studies was spend with my beloved passed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Simba. He was the main reason I pushed towards a career in Veterinary due to his health conditions that would have benefited from physiotherapy treatment, had it have been a more well known form of rehabilitation. I now spend my spare time with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Loki, who is such a little princess, and loves playing with her big Rottweiler friend.

I graduated from Harper Adams University with BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2021 and I am a registered member of the NAVP (National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists). During my 4 year studies, I worked in a local canine rescue centre and set up a business in dog walking and training, specialising in working with both nervous and aggressive dogs. I now incorporate my dog training into my appointments to ensure the best home programme is being utilised for rehabilitation.